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ULV offers tax help

The University of La Verne is once again offering free tax assistance to local La Verne residents.

Students still shopping Amazon, despite tax

Students still shopping Amazon, despite tax

Up until last month, Californians were not charged state tax by such popular online stores as Amazon, but as of Sept. 15, that changed along with some people’s shopping habits.

Students, faculty offer free tax help

IRS-trained University of La Verne students and faculty volunteered to provide community members with a free tax return Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the Enrollment Management building as part of the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

State education budget cuts may not hurt La Verne

A recent budget proposal by California Gov. Jerry Brown includes a drastic $12 billion state spending cut.

Skinny jeans, skinnier wallets

Skinny jeans, skinnier wallets

A junk food tax has caused some uproar and disappointment. Many people who enjoy their high-sweetened sodas, potato chips and other preservative packed foods think it is unfair to impose such a tax, especially since we are taxed enough as it is.

America's fat can't be solved by a tax

The growing obesity rate in the United States is a big fat problem for everybody. Obesity has increased every family’s health care costs by an average of $1,250, according to New York Times writer David Leonhardt who used statistics from the Center for Disease Control. The unhealthy lifestyles these people lead, which has risen 37 percent between 1998 and 2006, affects not only their own well-being, but it adversely affects our economy, our health care system and our environment. So what should be done to try and reduce the availability of our unhealthy American diet?

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