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Alumnus Ross Mathews gets his own talk show

Mariela Patron News Editor Kristina Bugante Arts Editor Ross Mathews, celebrated ULV alumnus and an E! Network gem, is bringing his infectious spirit, trademark high-pitched voice and his enthusiasm for pop culture in his new show, “Hello Ross,” which premiered Sept. 6 on E! “Hello Ross” is an interactive talk show in which Mathews and other super fans come together to talk about the newest... 

Reality TV needs reality check

When reality television shows began in the 1940s with Allen Funt’s “Candid Camera,” the standard was to entertain the public with unscripted, humorous situations. However as time has passed, the values of reality television have evolved and taken a turn for the worse. With shows as “16 and Pregnant,” “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom,” MTV is targeting younger audiences, with a demographic... 

Commentary: Getting ‘lost’ in the hype?

Commentary: Getting ‘lost’ in the hype?
Michael Escañuelas, Arts Editor Our generation has been both blessed and cursed with major events that have taken place during our lifetime. We were alive to witness an American tragedy, an eight year war, the first African American President, the rise and fall and rise again of health care reform and of course one of the greatest television shows to ever appear. I’m not speaking of “Two and Half... 
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