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Lies and Tiger and branding, oh my!

Lies and Tiger and branding, oh my!
Dan Sayles, Sports Editor If there is one thing to be gleaned from the whole Tiger Woods mistress fiasco, it’s that the American public eats it up like leftover mashed potatoes. There will be few people who think otherwise, and just blame the networks of just being greedy shills, and that they do not reflect the average American. However, let us examine this hypothesis. Is it not simply undone for... 

TMZ shouldn't tee-up news

With all the controversy surrounding the Tiger Woods case, we are in a sense left to rely on one source: TMZ. Sure, it catches us up on the latest celebrity gossip, but should upstanding network, cable and print news sources rely on it as their main, if not only, source for Tiger stories and other celebrity news? That is what they seem to be doing. Fox News Network is actually citing TMZ and not... 
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