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Net neutrality is more than necessary

Net neutrality is more than necessary
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff In a ruling earlier last week, the Federal Communications Commission abandoned its irresolute commitment to net neutrality. This means that Internet service providers such as Comcast and Time Warner can charge a premium fee to businesses who want faster access to customers. The FCC has officially bequeathed the royal throne that is the Internet over to the corporate... 

Commentary: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past

<i>Commentary</i>: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past
Des Delgadillo, Copy Chief Netflix and Comcast agreed to a deal last month that will see Netflix pay the U.S. Internet service provider an undisclosed amount in exchange for faster access to customers. For the average user, the deal means “Orange is the New Black” will load quicker, but at a dangerous precedent for how internet and content providers do business in the future. Although the recent... 
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