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ULV re-evaluates gender identity

ULV re-evaluates gender identity
CAPA liberal studies major Aiden Aizumi is an activist for transgender issues and has spoken six times on campus in this year alone. He transferred to the University of La Verne from a community college. Aizumi made the transition from female to male five years ago. Aizumi and others on campus are spreading awareness and are involved in dialogue about whether ULV is transgender-friendly. This includes... 

Transgenders deserve same acceptance

On May 9 the lead singer of Against Me!, Tom Gabel, has announced that he is beginning the transition from male to female. He has already begun taking estrogen and underwent electrolysis to remove body hair so he could decide if he wants to have gender reassignment surgery. Gabel has gender dysmorphia – a condition in which people feel they have been trapped in the wrong gender. When he came out... 

Pageant should include all women

As the Miss Universe Canada competition is narrowed to the top 65 candidates, the contest officials have focused their attention to one of the finalists, because she was once a he. Jenna Talackova is a male to female transgender who has been living as a recognized woman since her gender reassignment surgery in 2008, when she was 19 years old. Talackova entered the pageant meeting all outlined requirements... 
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