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New TSA rules are too lenient

New TSA rules are too lenient
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff As if flying was not already stressful, annoying and complicated enough, the Transportation Security Administration’s new regulations set to take effect on April 25 add a whole new layer of worry. People have been baffled since the TSA announced last week that they will begin allowing small knives onto airplanes. The types of small knives that will be permitted... 

Scanners and pat downs are ineffective

The holiday season means one thing for people who travel on airplanes: long lines at the airport. Recently however, it has also meant a very invasive security checkpoint for those trying to get away on holiday. In the past people saw it as an inconvenience just to have to take off their shoes, but now the inconvenience has reached a whole new level. The Transportation Security Administration has now... 
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