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Adjunct union deserves support

University adjunct faculty members have recently filed for unionization with the National Labor Relations Board, looking toward improved pay, job security, access to benefits and more. Currently 60 percent of the classes on the main campus are taught by adjuncts. Students should take this number into consideration and stand behind our adjuncts in unionization. Most adjuncts at the University are paid... 

Adjunct faculty to vote on union

Robert Penalber Editor in Chief Mariela Patron News Editor The University of La Verne adjunct faculty filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board Oct. 28, the first step toward possibly unionizing through the Service Employees International Union. Step two will be a vote to see if 51 percent of adjuncts favor unionization. The petition, which includes all part-time faculty members that... 

Food service workers, unite

Food service workers, unite
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff Some Bon Appétit employees have complained that they feel pressured to work before and after clocking in. It is illegal and unethical to make an employee work for free. If claims made by Bon Appétit employees are true and they wish to organize a vote to form a union, then we support them. The employees are tired and say they have asked management for the right... 

Proposition 32 would hurt unions

Proposition 32 would hurt unions
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff Supporters of Proposition 32 claim that the measure will reform local and state elections that are heavily dominated by special-interest money. But Proposition 32 is just another one-sided measure worded carefully by the wealthy trying to maintain their power. The measure, if enacted, calls for several provisions: prohibiting corporations and labor unions from contributing... 
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