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Restaurant Review: Taking a walk on the vegan side

<i>Restaurant Review</i>: Taking a walk on the vegan side
Neil Ta mixes the “Orange Joy,” a combination of cranberry and orange juices, at the family-run vegan/vegetarian restaurant, Loving Hut. Ta says that Loving Hut tries to cater to the tastes of vegans and non-vegans, offering items such as the vegan burrito. /photo by Jakeh Landrum Michael Phillips LV Life Editor I love meat, so going to the vegan restaurant Loving Hut in Upland was a departure.... 

First Person: To shrink your carbon footprint, go vegan

Kevin Garrity Sports Editor At a time when our planet is in peril, people should actively seek out different things in which they can do to help lessen their footprint on Earth. Whether it be switching to energy efficient light bulbs, conserving oil by driving less, or changing the basis of a diet and become a vegan. That’s right. Becoming a vegan and eliminating any food produced by animals can... 
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