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Website still needs a makeover

With the school cranking out fliers and other propaganda promoting the University, one update that should not be put off is sprucing up the University of La Verne website.

La Verne website is not user-friendly

La Verne website is not user-friendly

A university’s website is the first thing many potential students go to for information when trying to choose a college. All the information about a school and the application process is placed conveniently in its own section that is clearly labeled and well-organized. This is no different for the University of La Verne’s website.

Website raises faculty concerns

The redesigned and revamped University of La Verne website has stirred up complaints among numerous faculty members since its launch last summer.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I’ve noticed that La Verne had a reception for the new Web site designers and the fact that the site is up (“Celebrating a new look,” Sept. 25 and “La Verne revamps Web site,” Oct. 9). Why would an institution that struggles financially throw such a party? In fact, why would you celebrate […]

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LV site embodies 'hyperlocal' trend in online journalism

With newspapers across the country taking a slow plunge and in some areas disappearing altogether, a new form of journalism – “hyperlocal” Web based publications have begun to fill the void – even in La Verne.

La Verne revamps Web site

The University of La Verne’s official Web site has been noticeably modified for the fall semester, receiving both positive and negative response to its new design and functionality. The Office of Information Technology, in charge of maintaining, altered the Web site design and also added new user-friendly features.

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