Requirements and Details


Same as for Accounting — B.S.

Code Course Title Units
ACCT 201 Fundamentals of Accounting I 4
ACCT 202 Fundamentals of Accounting II 4
BUS 200 Information Technology 2
BUS 242 Achieving Professional Success 4
BUS 270 Business Statistics 4
ECON 220 Economic Analysis I 4
ECON 221 Economic Analysis II 4
MATH 172 Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics 4

Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
BUS 330 Business Finance 4
BUS 343 Foundations of Business Ethics 4
BUS 347 The Legal Environment of Business 4
BUS 360 Principles of Marketing 4
BUS 410 Management Information Systems 4
BUS 456 Operations Management 4
BUS 496 Business Seminar 4
MGMT 300 Principles of Management 4
MGMT 459 Organizational Behavior 4

All entering students will have to take BUS 330, BUS 360, BUS 390, and MGMT 300 as a block. BUS 390 will be used as an elective.

CAPA students are not allowed to take the block classes unless they get an override. The requirement is for the B.S. in Business Administration, CAPA students are in the B.A. in Business Administration.

Electives or Concentration: 12 semester hours

Three 300-400-level ACCT, BUS, ECON, and/or approved MGMT courses (except MGMT 388 and MGMT 496) courses or one of the following concentrations:

Business Management Concentration: 12 semester hours

This concentration studies theoretical foundations for understanding how an organization is affected by its environment, how employees are motivated to accomplish organizational goals, practical skills necessary for attracting, encouraging, and retaining human resources, and successful interpersonal skills.

Code Course Title Units
MGMT 356 Introduction to Organizational Theory 4
MGMT 455 Managing Human Resources 4

One of the following:

Code Course Title Units
BUS 440 Entrepreneurship 4
MGMT 358 Culture and Gender Issues in Management 4
MGMT 451 International Management 4

Information Technology Concentration: 16 semester hours

This concentration prepares students for successful careers in Information Systems/Information Technology. It also provides an overview and trend analysis for decision making.

Code Course Title Units
CMPS 475 Systems Analysis and Design 4
CMPS 490 Database Management Systems 4
CMPS 368 Principles of Computer Networks, or
CMPS 369 Local Area Networks 4
BUS 416 Electronic Commerce 4

(programming recommended)

International Business Concentration: 12 semester hours

This concentration studies how international business practices and customs differ from those in the US.

Code Course Title Units
BUS 466 International Marketing 4
ECON 325 International Economics 4
MGMT 451 International Management 4

Marketing Concentration: 12 semester hours

This concentration examines the tools and techniques used to determine the needs of individuals or segments of society to provide the most effective means of informing customers of the availability of goods and services, and to deliver such goods and services.

Code Course Title Units
BUS 368 Integrated Marketing Communication, or
BUS 461 Marketing Management 4
BUS 464 Marketing Research 4
BUS 466 International Marketing 4