Requirements and Details

Graduation Requirements:
1. Application for graduation
2. Developmental Knowledge Exam and Supervi-
sor Evaluation Form
3. Completion of specific assessments and
Taskstream submissions required by the College
4. Graduation Clearance from Registrar’s office


Code Course Title Units
WRT 110 College Writing A 4
WRT 111 College Writing B 4
EDUC 251 Curriculum Development for Early Childhood Education 4
EDUC 253 Child, Family, and Community 4
EDUC 354A Child Observation/Practicum 2

Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 350 Child Psychology and Development 4
EDUC 352 Writing for Child Development 2
EDUC 354B Assessment in Early Childhood 2
EDUC 445 Adult Supervision and Communication Skills 4
EDUC 448 Math for Young Children 4
EDUC 449 Early Childhood Literacy 4
EDUC 451 Infant and Toddler Group Care and Curriculum 4
EDUC 452 Parenting Theory in Cultural Contexts 4
EDUC 453A Supervision and Administration of Programs for Young Children 4
EDUC 453B Advanced Supervision and Administration of Programs for Young Children 4
EDUC 454P Early Childhood Teaching 4
EDUC 499 Senior Project 4
SPED 455 Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education: Policies and Practices 4

Recommended Courses

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 252 Childhood Environments: Culture, Education and Media 4
EDUC 402 Experiencing an International Culture: Discovery the History, Educational Philosophies and Ethics 4
EDUC 444 Adolescent Development and Education 1
EDUC 470 Theories and Methods of Education for Linguistically Diverse Students 4
  • A GPA of 2.5 or more in college coursework
  • Clear fingerprints
  • Interview with Child Development faculty
  • Assessment of writing ability