Requirements and Details

Total Program: 39 semester hours
Core Courses: 27 semester hours
Code Course Title Units
PADM 501 Public Administration and Society 3
PADM 510 Public Management and Leadership 3
PADM 531 Organizational Theory and Development 3
PADM 533 Policy Formation 3
PADM 534 Budgeting and Fiscal Management 3
PADM 555 Ethics in Administration 3
PADM 561 Legal Environment of Public Administration 3
PADM 582 Quantitative Methods for Public Management 3
PADM 596 Graduate Seminar 3

Internship: 3 units
PADM 598, Public Service Internship (For students without previous public, nonprofit, or service sector experience). This requirement is in addition to the 39 units needed for the M.P.A.


Concentrations require a minimum of 12 semester hours. MGMT courses are not interchangeable with PADM courses.

Urban Management and Affairs Concentration:

This concentration focuses on developing skills in managing in urban metropolitan environment.

Code Course Title Units
PADM 570 Urban and Community Politics 3

A minimum of three of the following:

Code Course Title Units
PADM 538 Collaborative Public Management 3
PADM 572 Managing Complex Systems 3
PADM 586 Economics of the Public Sector 3
PADM 587 Managing Sustainable Communities 3

Non-Profit Concentration:

Code Course Title Units
MGMT 531 Marketing for Non-Profits 3
MGMT 530 Managing Non-Profit 3
MGMT 532 Effective Fundraising 3
MGMT 533 Accounting and Compliance for Non-Profits 3
MGMT 534 Grant Writing for Public and Private Funding 3

Student selection is based on academic aptitude. Evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications to pursue graduate studies is based on the applicant’s statement of purpose, professional experience, transcripts, and academic and professional references. Applicants are evaluated by an academic qualifications committee that balances all these measures, in- cluding commitment to public and/or nonprofit service, in making admission decisions.

Admission Requirements:

  • Official transcript from every undergraduate and graduate institution attended.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • A preferred GPA of 3.0 or above for the last 60 semester units of undergraduate study and a GPA of 3.0 for any graduate study.
    • A 1-2 page statement of purpose that demonstrates:
    1. The ability to write at an acceptable level for graduate study.
    2. Experience and interest in public and/or non-profit administration, and
    3. How the La Verne MPA program compliments the student’s interests and professional goals in public service.
  • Two positive letters of recommendation discussing academic and/or professional qualifications from work supervisions, college professors, and/or public service and professionals.
  • A current resume.

Additional Requirements:

Additional requirements, if needed, may include but not limited to Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and a personal interview with the Chair.

PADM 501 must be taken before the end of the second term of course work.