Citizen Alum at La Verne

University of La Verne is partnering with Citizen Alum, a national initiative that counters the image of alumni as primarily “donors” with a vision of them as also “doers.” Alums are allies in education–crucial partners in building multigenerational communities of active citizenship and active learning. Citizen Alum, based at the University of Michigan, began in Fall 2011 as an affiliated program of the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP). Citizen Alum was officially launched at a January 10 2012 White House meeting, “For Democracy’s Future—Education Reclaims Our Civic Mission.”

The site is the public voice of Citizen Alum and serves the community of individuals, campuses, and programs that make up Citizen Alum, along with the many organizations that inform and support our work. The group blog will be a platform for commentary and dialogue. We take this occasion to announce two important leadership bodies: the Citizen Alum Members’ Council and the National Steering Committee. See 

The purpose of Citizen Alum is to develop a flexible architecture for multigenerational alliances that link current students, gap alums, and situated alums to a single goal: promoting the ongoing individual and collective success of publicly engaged students and alums.