Special Education

Master of Science Degree & Credential


The Special Education credential program is designed for those interested in teaching learners with mild-moderate special needs, in particular but not exclusive to students with learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, mental retardation, autism spectrum, and other health impairments.

Persons applying for this program need not possess any other credential, though with additional courses, students may also complete a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential.

Mild-Moderate Education Specialist Credential candidates receive a complete range of instruction and support in instructing learners with mild-moderate disabilities within a continuum of service delivery options. The program may be completed in one calendar year.

Candidates for this credential have five years after completing Level I to complete their Advanced Professional Level II Credential. The Level II Credential involves extensive knowledge of research and collaboration with those working to support learners who have mild-moderate disabilities.

A Masters of Science, Special Education: Mild/Moderate Professional Emphasis can be earned using Level I or Level II course work and masters core courses.

More Detailed Information

For admission requirements, class details and campus locations, consult the University catalog regarding the Special Education: Mild/Moderate Professional Emphasis.

Credential: Mild / Moderate Education Specialist, Level I.

Credential: Mild / Moderate Education Specialist, Level II.

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