General Education Requirements

General Education Fall 2015 and later


General Education Before Fall 2015


General Education Track I

Breadth Requirements

Critical Skills

Written Communication A (CSWA) – 1 course
Written Communication B (CSWB) – 1 course
Oral Communication (CSOC) – 1 course
Quantitative Reasoning (CSQR) – 1 course

Areas of Knowledge

The Natural World

  • Life Science (ANSL) – 1 course
  • Physical Science (ANSP) – 1 course
  • Lab (ALAB) – 1 course

Social and Behavioral Science – 2 courses from 2 different sub-areas

  • Behavioral Science (ASBH)
  • Political Science (ASPS)
  • Economics (ASEC)
  • Inter-area Social and Behavioral Science (ASIA)

Humanities – 3 courses from 3 different sub-areas

  • Literature (AHLT)
  • Philosophy and Religion (AHPR)
  • Foreign Language (AHFL) – some majors require foreign language as part of the Humanities requirement.
  • Mass Media (AHMM)
  • History (AHHT)
  • History of Fine Arts (AHFA)
  • Inter-area Humanities (AHIA)

Creative and Artistic Expression (ACAE) – 1 course (or minimum of 2 units)

Lifelong Fitness (AFFL) – 1 course

University Values Requirement

Students meet the University Values requirement by taking courses in which one or more University Values areas are explicitly embedded. The University Values requirement can be met in GE, major, minor, or elective courses. Students satisfy this requirement by taking:

Transfer Students are required to take fewer University Values designations depending on the number of units transferred. For more information see Transfer Articulation of University Values

Interdisciplinary Thinking Requirement

Students must take at least one upper division Interdisciplinary course (INTD)

General Education Policies

  • One “course” is defined as having a minimum of two semester hours.
  • Students may take a maximum of one class in their major to fulfill their Breadth Requirement.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 5 upper division units in at least two different areas of the University Values requirement.
  • No course can be used to meet more than one Breadth Requirement.
  • All courses (general education, major, minor, or electives) can be used to fulfill multiple requirements in the University Values Requirement and/or Interdisciplinary Requirement.

GE Resources

GE Course Listing

GE Checklist

GE Track II

For students following GE Track II, please click on the link below. GE Track II is for students who completed 28 transferable units and matriculated at La Verne before the Fall 2009 semester.