KWST reserves the right to refuse any announcement that has not been properly submitted or carries information of a commercial nature. KWST announcements are reserved for non-profit organizations.
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  The Community Bulletin is a service to the San Dimas Community that allows messages of noncommercial interests to be displayed to the public to inform them of certain community events and public service announcements.

These messages are displayed on the public access channel 3 for viewing at various times.

If you wish to have a message viewed on the bulletin choose between these two options:

Option 1:
Fill out the form to the right and click the "submit" button. This will send you information automatically to our e-mail,

Option 2:
Download a .pdf file and mail to:

University of La Verne
Communications Department-KWST
1950 3rd Street
La Verne, CA 91750

or fax to: (909)392-2706

Click on this link to download the PDF