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Faculty Book Day

Faculty Book Day 2011 celebrated University scholarship during Steve Morgan’s presidency.  Leading researchers in all four colleges will reflect on their most significant publications, and the deans illuminated the importance of La Verne’s ongoing transformation from a purely teaching institution into one in which continuing faculty research informs teaching and increases knowledge in every discipline.  Culminating the celebration was a beautiful presentation to President Morgan of a bound list of faculty publications, highlighting a quarter century of University of La Verne research.


Research and Publication at the University of La Verne

Greg Dewey, Provost

Research and Publication in Arts & Sciences

Jonathan Reed, Dean
Gabriela Capraroiu, Spanish
Chris Liang, Psychology

Research and Publication, Business & Public Management

Abe Helou, Dean
Jeanny Liu, Marketing
Jack Meek, Public Administration

Research/Pub. in Education & Organizational Leadership

Mark Goor, Dean
Laura Hyatt, Organizational Leadership
Nancy Walker, Education

Research and Publication in College of Law

Allen Easley, Dean
Juanda Daniel, Law
Ashley Lipson, Law

Presentation to Steve and Ann Morgan by the authors and artists of the University of La Verne:

Three Decades of Publications under University of La Verne President Steve Morgan (1985-2011)

Celebratory buffet luncheon immediately following in Fasnacht Court

Next Event: Erin Gruwell, March 29, 2011

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