La Verne Named One of the Most Popular National Universities

April 11, 2011 by University of La Verne

The perception that its visibility and popularity are on the upswing was confirmed in January when U.S. News & World Report named La Verne among the nation’s most popular universities in the U.S. and fourth among private national universities* in California.

According to the magazine, 989 students were accepted to La Verne and 333 enrolled as freshmen in 2009, the year on which the rankings were based; the school’s admit “yield,” the percentage of those accepted who actually enrolled, was 33.7%. Only Stanford University, at 38.4%; the California Institute of Technology, at 37.4%, and Biola University, at 36.2%, were ranked higher in California.

“One of the best indicators of a school’s popularity among students is (its) yield,” the magazine said.

Among schools outside of California, La Verne was rated more popular than elite Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, Wake Forest, DePaul and Emory.

“There’s a growing recognition that the University of La Verne is truly one of America’s best colleges,” said Chris Krzak, dean of admissions. “We’re hearing more often that we are the only school students are applying to, or that we’re their first choice. That speaks well of the type of community we have on campus and the high level of academics available to incoming students.”

Krzak said several elements appear to be drawing students to La Verne. Those include its location near a quaint and exciting downtown, the beauty of campus, the friendliness of students, the opportunities available to  participate in intercollegiate athletics and other activities and, of course, challenging academics and top-flight educators. They all combine to present an attractive package, Krzak said.

“That’s how you get one of three accepted students to say, ‘I have to go there,’ Krzak said. “Interest in La Verne really is incredible. We’re looking forward to another significant increase in new students for 2011-12”.

Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked La Verne in the top tier and #136 among the nation’s top national colleges and universities—tied with Seton Hall and DePaul.

*U.S. News & World Report identifies national universities as research-oriented institutions that offer degrees of all levels.

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