Professor of Art Ruth Trotter is Featured in “Departures” Display at Zask Gallery

November 2, 2012 by University of La Verne

Professor of Art Ruth Trotter, is a featured artist in the new “Departures” display at Zask Gallery in Rolling Hills Estates.

“Trotter’s work is uplifting and continues to inspire me in my own art-making by her way of clearly explaining her process in creating abstract compositions and connecting academic art principles and art history as she breaks down her work for the viewer to understand, while maintaining the mystery of abstract expressionism,” Peggy Zask said.

Zask said she first met Trotter five years ago and invited her into a show.

“Her work exemplified the strength of art in that show and I knew I wanted to have another show where her work would be more prominent,” Zask said.

After moving to a larger gallery, Zask decided to open “Departures”, which features four female artists in the middle of their career.

Trotter is one of the artists chosen to participate in this new show.

According to a statement provided by Zask Gallery, “The four painters in Departures, Virginia Katz, Margaret Lazzari, Maggie Tenneson, and Ruth Trotter inhabit a sphere of contemporary painting associated with abstraction, but whose works are not without subject matter or inspiration. For these artists inspiration comes from sources primarily located in nature, but depart from it to include cosmology, psychology, metaphysics, and art.”

“Departures” runs through November 25 and more information about Zask gallery can be found at

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