New Graduate Success Center Program Kicks Off, Offers Support for Mentors and Mentees

December 4, 2012 by University of La Verne

Graduate students at the University of La Verne are receiving more assistance and resources these days thanks to a new mentoring program offered by the Graduate Success Center.

The first Mentor Information & Networking Workshop event was held on Dec. 1 for students and mentors who had signed up for the new program.

“It’s part of my job to serve,” Marco Ramirez, adjunct professor of public management and new mentor, said. “Service is one of my core values and these are the things that make me excited about education.”

Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership Dr. Linda De Long helped facilitate the first Mentor Information & Networking Workshop along with Associate Professor of Education Dr. Ingrid Baartman.

The new program, which is under the Title V grant awarded to the University to help serve under represented and first generation graduate students, allows potential mentees and mentors to connect with each other through an online survey available through the center’s website (

Graduate students are able to enter what they are looking for in a mentor and faculty or administrative staff are able to enter information in a similar survey.

This process allows Director of the Graduate Success Center Lisa Rodriguez and her staff to match up mentees with mentors who have experience and connections in their fields of study.

Rodriguez, also a mentor, says that it is the most rewarding thing she has ever done.

Saturday’s event, which was designed by Associate Professor of Education, Ingrid Baartman and Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, Linda De Long, was created to help participants better understand the mentoring process.

“The real value to the mentoring process is people can see how powerful it is and reach out in the future,” De Long said. “I’m delighted and exited that now I’m in a position that I can mentor.”

De Long said that graduate students face unique challenges of being working professionals while completing their degrees and they have to find a balance.

Having a mentor, she said, can help students with those challenges.

“This ties in really well to the La Verne experience,” Rodriguez said.

First generation student of a graduate degree, Jennifer Achan, said she was excited about the opportunity to receive some extra guidance.

“I want as much support as possible,” Achan said.

Graduate students who would like more information about the Graduate Success Center programs can visit the website or contact the center at ext. 4357.

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