Burbank Campus Receives High Marks for Graduate Business Education

January 24, 2013 by University of La Verne

Hard work and dedication at the University of La Verne regional campus in Burbank, CA has paid off.

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal ranked the San Fernando regional campus as the second largest university for graduate business education.

“We have to position ourselves in our community as a leading institution,” Senior Executive Director, Regional Campus, ROC Nelly Kazman said. “What differentiates La Verne from the crowd is the quality of its academic programs, the professional relevance of its education, and the overall value of its services and tuition cost.”

As a leader in adult education programs for more than 40 years, La Verne continues to assist students with achieving their goals and obtaining their degrees. According to Kazman, the Burbank campus serves more than 500 adult students.

“We’re the flagship for the area,” Associate Director of Admissions Debra Hrboka said.

Hrboka added that La Verne is able to offer quality education, plus value. The Los Angeles Business Journal ranking in 2009 also ranked La Verne the fourth largest university in business and management education.

“Despite the recent wave of numerous on-line and out-of-state universities that claim to offer programs similar to the ones offered by La Verne, recent rankings such as the one by the San Fernando Valley Journal demonstrate that hundreds of adult learners have made La Verne the university of choice,” Kazman said.

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