University of La Verne President Presents on Citizen Alum at AAC&U

February 4, 2013 by University of La Verne

Community and civic engagement was the topic of discussion for President Devorah Lieberman at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) annual meeting in January.

Presenting before a select group of university officials from around the world, President Lieberman shared about the development and progression of the University of La Verne’s partnership with Citizen Alum.

A national initiative that promotes the engagement of university alumni in their communities, Citizen Alum reimagines the role of alumni as “doers” rather than just “donors.”

As an institution that outlines the importance of civic engagement and lifelong learning in its mission statement, the University of La Verne plays an important role as one of only 20 selected campuses around the country spearheading this joint venture.

At the AAC&U annual meeting, President Lieberman gave a president’s perspective on the importance of promoting ongoing civic engagement post graduation, less than a week after the University of La Verne united nearly 200 students, faculty and alumni for a “Day of Service” on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

Citizen Alum was officially launched at a White House meeting, “For Democracy’s Future – Education Reclaims Our Civic Mission,” in January 2012. It is an affiliated program of the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP), born at the University of Michigan.

Since then, the University of La Verne has launched its own “listening project,” which can be seen on its alumni website. The project, calls for alumni to share their involvement in their communities, in order to generate a momentum of inspiring stories geared toward promoting the Citizen Alum project. To date, more than 50 alumni feature stories are published online.


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