Debating Around the World

July 10, 2013 by University of La Verne

University of La Verne Junior Melanie Nadon competed in the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge 2013 annual scholarship competition in Budapest, Hungary.

Melanie Nadon is debating her way around the world, one competition at a time.

The University of La Verne junior speech communication and gender, law and policy double major has been debating since her junior year of high school and has never stopped.

“Debate is one of the most challenging activities I have ever had the pleasure of being able to involve myself in,” Nadon said. “It requires constant attention to current events while also demanding strong listening, public speaking, and argumentative skills. I have learned more from this activity than I have in some classes and it is knowledge that I have applied to my courses, work and life in general.”

After receiving news of the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge 2013 annual scholarship competition in Budapest, Hungary, June 16-June 21, 2013, Nadon was compelled to apply. The competition, which had a theme of “Digital Freedom and its Limits,” drew more than 2,000 applicants and Nadon was one of only 40 chosen to participate and she placed 13 out of 38 finalists.

“Despite not winning this year, the conference exceeded all of my expectations and it was such a lovely experience in every way [that] I definitely plan on competing again next year,” Nadon said.

In addition to the scholarship competition Nadon also participated in a debate tournament after the conclusion of the conference that included debaters from Austria, Romania and the Netherlands. She and her partner, Raghav Mehra from St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, made the semi-finals and Nadon was also tied as the first place speaker.

“Since Melanie was awarded our performance scholarship almost two years ago, she has applied the utmost effort and ambition into each and every endeavor she embarks upon,” La Verne Director of Forensics and Debate Team Advisor Rob Ruiz said. “Not only has her hard work paid off by reaching the semi-finals at this past U.S. National Championship, but by reaching this milestone of a competition in Budapest, Hungary. I am extremely proud of her.”

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