La Verne Provost Named to LeRoy Haynes Center Board of Directors

July 3, 2013 by University of La Verne

Provost Dr. Greg Dewey has been named to the Board of Directors of the LeRoy Haynes Center in La Verne.

A long-standing relationship between the University of La Verne and the LeRoy Haynes Center in La Verne continues with the new addition of Provost Dr. Greg Dewey being named as a new Board of Directors member of the center.

Founded in 1946 by Chaplain LeRoy Haynes and his wife Jeanne, the center has provided residential quarters and educational opportunities for hundreds of special needs children throughout the years.

After the official renaming of LeRoy Haynes Center from the LeRoy Boys Home, it now serves more than 450 boys and girls, and their families with its non-public school, residential treatment program, mental health services and community outreach.

The center is one of the largest facilities of its kind dedicated to assisting children with a variety of special needs such as emotional development, Asperger’s Disorder and autism.

Students and faculty from various programs including  the integrated business program and Enactus have already worked to help the LeRoy Haynes Center and with the appointment of Provost Dewey to the Board of Directors, there will be more opportunities for collaboration between the university and the center in the future.

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