Assistant Professor of Management Presents on ‘Transformative Cooperation’ at Florida Conference

September 25, 2013 by University of La Verne

Loren Dyck pic - 1-29-13

University of La Verne Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Loren Dyck has examined the sacrifices made by people in a long-term conflict and presented his findings at a conference in Florida August 13, 2013.

His paper titled, “Transformative Cooperation at Honokahua: Learning from the Past to Build Virtuous Human Systems” was presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in the Social Issues in Management Division in Lake Buena Vista in Orlando. It examined the sacrifices and learning that occured between parties in a long-term conflict as a means to theorize about the process of cooperation and the “factors that make it transformative for all parties involved in the dispute.”

Dyck reviewed cooperation, intractable conflict and transformative cooperation. He then explained his study methods that occurred at the Honokahua Burial Site on Maui in Hawaii.

“Telling of the story at Honokahua is next followed by my analysis that leads to conceptual categories and theorizing about transformative cooperation,” Dyck said. “I then discuss the findings and offer implications for ethical organizing and building virtuous human systems.”

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