Three University of La Verne Videos Selected for Chaffey College Film Festival

December 13, 2013 by University of La Verne

Three videos produced by University of La Verne students have been selected for screening at the Chaffey College Film Festival, February 1, 2014 at Chaffey College.

“Young Adults,” a raunchy 25 minute teen comedy, was produced by Anthony Troli and Kai Groschupf as their senior project. “Young Adults” was written and directed by Troli and shot by Groschupf. Kaitlin Hollingsworth edited. sound by Jeff Clark; production design by Jessica Gerhart; assistant director, McKinley Pollock; color and effects by Kyle Deeley.

“Sugar and Love,” an 8 minute “dramedy” was written, produced and shot by Alexander Clague. Filmed at Hillcrest retirement home in La Verne using a cast of Hillcrest residents, “Sugar and Love” was directed by Spencer Bruno and edited by Christopher Mitzel. The video was produced in an intermediate video production class.

“For Rest” is a short, experimental film created by Matthew Martin-Hall, Serena Ghazzawi and Raquel Lucero in another intermediate video production class. For this video students created a story and images to accompany a sound design given to them. The sound design is licensed from Hollywood sound designer John Oh.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications Jake Huberman served as faculty advisor for “Sugar and Love.” Professor of Communications Don Pollock served as advisor for “Young Adults” and “For Rest.”

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