Faculty and Staff Phonebook Results

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Name and Department Phone Email
Faraj, Rebecca [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: 4315
Farooq, Duresameen (Sameen) [Detail]
University Advancement
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4696
Ext: 4696
Fast, Gregory (Greg) [Detail]
Marketing and Law
Direct Dial: (805) 981-6166
Ext: 6166
Feesago, Charles (Chuck) [Detail]
Art Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4773
Ext: 4773
Ferguson, Robert [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: 4601
Fernandez, Pat [Detail]
Dept of Network & Unified Communications
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4545
Ext: 4545
Flaten, David [Detail]
Theatre Arts Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4550
Ext: 4550
Flemington, Anita [Detail]
Education and Teacher Development Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4623
Ext: 4623
Fliss, Karen [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: 4278
Flynn, Deborah [Detail]
Graduate Academic Services
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4500
Ext: 4500
Fonseca, Rosie [Detail]
Campus Center
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4911
Ext: 4911
Forns, Lisa [Detail]
Education Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4648
Ext: 4648
Forsyth, Scott [Detail]
Facilities Management
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Fox, Fredda [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: 4596
Fox, Randy [Detail]
Direct Dial: (909)593-8962
Ext: 4280
Fragiacomo, Kelly [Detail]
College of Law
Direct Dial: (909) 460-2004
Ext: 2004
Frantz, Michael [Detail]
Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science Dept.
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4609
Ext: 4609
Free, Maureen [Detail]
Health Center
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Freehling, Tamera [Detail]
Health Center
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Fuentes, Erasmo [Detail]
Office of Admission
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4349
Ext: 4349
Furutan, Omid [Detail]
Department of Management and Leadership
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4038
Ext: 4038