Faculty and Staff Phonebook Results

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Name and Department Phone Email
Jagannathan, Christine [Detail]
Marketing and Law
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4144
Ext: 4144
Jahant, Holly [Detail]
Student Accounts Dept.
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4068
Ext: 4068
Jang, John [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Jarbigian, Rose [Detail]
Financial Aid Office
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4138
Ext: 4138
Jeffers, Ann [Detail]
Registrar's Office
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4416
Ext: 4416
Jenkins, Benjamin [Detail]
Wilson Library
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4978
Ext: 4978
Jenrich, Kathleen [Detail]
ROC High Desert-Victorville Campus
Direct Dial: (760) 955-6458
Ext: 6458
Jewell, Jodi [Detail]
College of Law
Direct Dial: (909) 460-2058
Ext: 2058
Jiang, Shan (Amy) [Detail]
Wilson Library
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4307
Ext: 4307
Jimenez, Sandra (Sandy) [Detail]
Office of Human Resources
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4046
Ext: 4046
John, Dorothy [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Johnson, Catherine [Detail]
Wilson Library
Direct Dial: (909) 448-1516
Ext: 1516
Johnson, Dion [Detail]
Art Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4383
Ext: 4383
Johnson, Julianne (Juli) [Detail]
Education Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4671
Ext: 4671
Johnson, Ray [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Johnson, Stephanie [Detail]
ROC Vandenberg Campus
Direct Dial: (805) 734-6224
Ext: 6224
Joines, Christie [Detail]
Athletics Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4530
Ext: 4530
Jones, Garth [Detail]
Facilities Management
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4502
Ext: 4502
Jones, Jay [Detail]
Biology Department
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4040
Ext: 4040
Jordan, Valerie [Detail]
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Jory, Brianne [Detail]
ROC Education Programs
Direct Dial: Unlisted
Ext: Unlisted
Jouzi, Randa [Detail]
College of Business and Public Management
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4007
Ext: 4007
Juarez, Lizbeth [Detail]
Housing and Residential Life Dept.
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4445
Ext: 4445
Juhasz, Jennifer [Detail]
Admissions Operations Office
Direct Dial: (909) 448-4329
Ext: 4329
Juracan, Norma [Detail]
ROC Orange County Campus
Direct Dial: (714) 505-6948
Ext: 6948