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Cleveland Hayes, II, Ph.D. (2007)
College of Education and Organizational Leadership (CEOL)
Education & Teacher Development Department
Associate Professor of Education

Ph.D., University of Utah
M.Ed., University of Utah
B.S., Mississippi State University

Dr. Cleveland Hayes began his professional career as a middle school and high school science teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Hayes completed his PHD at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City Utah with an emphasis on History of Black education, Critical Race Theory in Education, Sociology of Education, and Whiteness Theory. These continue to be his research interest. Central to Hayes’ research is antiracist pedagogies to encourage students to analyze educational issues of knowledge and power as related to racial/ethnic identity, gender, socio-economic class, and sexual orientation. These pedagogies push students and me to critically reflect on our cultural assumptions, practices, and conceptions of privilege and meritocracy. Dr. Hayes’ passion centers on making a difference in the everyday lives of marginalized and oppressed youth through relevant research that will benefit the education and socialization of students who are ethnic minorities, immigrants, and/or Second Language Learners. I incorporate these pedagogies into the following graduate and undergraduate courses: Educ. 390, Science for Elementary Teachers and Educ. 476, Teaching in the Content Single Subject. Selected Publications: Juarez, B., Smith, D.T., & Hayes, C. (2008). Social justice means just us White people: The diversity paradox in teacher education. Democracy & Education, 17(3), 20 – 25. Hayes, C. (in press). “Why I teach”: An analysis of one mid-twentieth century Mississippian educator’s pedagogical perspectives and practices. In K.A. Johnson & A. Pitre (Eds.), African American Women Educators: A Critical Examination of their Pedagogies Educational Ideas, and Activism from the Nineteenth the Mid-twentieth Centuries. Hayes, C. & Juarez, B.G. (2009). You showed your Whiteness: You don’t get a good White people medal. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 22(6), 729-744. Juárez, B. G., & Hayes, C. (in press). Social justice is not spoken here: Examining the nexus of knowledge and democratic education. Power and Education. Hayes, C., Juarez, B.G., & Cross, P.T. (under review). What can we learned from Big Mama. Critical Education. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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