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Nancy T. Walker, Ph.D. (2000)
College of Education and Organizational Leadership (CEOL)
Education and Teacher Development Department
Professor of Education

Ph.D., University of Southern California
M.S., University of Southern California
B.A., University of Southern California

Dr. Walker teaches courses in multiple subject reading methodology, single subject reading methodology, liberal studies and research methodology. Her research interests include reading policy, content area teachers' usage of multiple texts, multimedia and new literacies. Currently, she is focusing on content area teachers and creativity. Her latest book chapter can be found in: Bean, T., Walker, N., Wimmer, J., & Dillard, B. (2009). How Does Creative Content Area Teaching in Cyberspace And Multimedia Settings Work With Adolescents? J. Lewis (Ed.) Essential Questions in Adolescent Literacy: Teachers and Researchers Describe What Works in Classrooms. Guilford Press.Her latest articles can be found in the following journals: Walker, N.T., Wimmer, J. & Bean, T.W. (2009). Multiple Texts, Teacher Craft Knowledge, and Principled Practices in High School Economics: A Case Study of Kenneth. Social Studies Research and Practice, 4(3) 28-36. Retrieved from Pitcher, S.M., Albright, L.K., DeLaney, C.J., Walker, N.T., Seunarinesingh, K., Mogge, S., Headley, K.N., Ridgeway, V.G., Peck, S., Hunt, R., & Dunston, P.J. (2007). Assessing Adolescents’ Motivation to Read. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(5), 378-396. Evans, K.S. & Walker, N.T. (2005). Reading First: Hidden Messages, Omissions, and Contradictions. Maloch, B., Hoffman, J.V., Schallert, D.L., Fairbanks, C.M., & Worthy, J. (Eds.), 54th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference. Wisconsin: National Reading Conference. Walker, N., & Bean, T. (2005). Sociocultural Influences in Content Area Teachers' Selection and Use of Multiple Texts. Reading Research and Instruction, 44(4), 61-77. Walker, N., & Bean, T. (2005). Sociocultural Dimensions of Multiple Texts in Two Experienced Content Teachers’ Classroom. Maloch, B., Hoffman, J.V., Schallert, D.L., Fairbanks, C.M., & Worthy, J. (Eds.), 54th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference.Wisconsin: National Reading Conference.Walker, N.T., & Bean T.W. (2004). Using Multiple Texts in Content Area Classrooms. Journal of Content Area Reading. 3(1), 23-35. Walker, N.T., & Bean T.W. (2004). The Role of Multiple Texts In Content Area Classrooms. The Journal of Reading Education, 29(3), 43.

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