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Leslie Anne Young, Ed.D (1992)
College of Education and Organizational Leadership (CEOL)
Adv. Studies in Education and Human Dev Department
Associate Professor of Education

Ed.D, University of La Verne
M.S., University of La Verne
B.A., University of La Verne

Dr. Leslie Anne Young is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Masters Child Life Program at the University of La Verne, located in Southern California. Dr. Young has been at the University of La Verne for over 18 years, where she has created and built the Child Life Master of Science Program to include out of state and international students from Japan, Canada, Korea and Taiwan. Dr. Young, as a Child Life consultant as helped to establish 3 new Child Life Programs at local hospitals.

Dr. Young came to the University of La Verne in order to create the Child Life program after 15 years of working with medically fragile children at the well known Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. As the director of the Child Life Program within the LLU Children’s Hospital for over 9 years, she helped to develop the Child Life program, established four new areas of Child Life specialties including the NICU, Emergency Department, Out-patient and in-patient surgeries and Child Life on Adult floors within the hospital and formulated the patient and family centered care concept, which is currently used as a model throughout the United States.

While at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital she worked as a Child Life Specialist within a variety of departments, including General Pediatrics, Emergency Department, Oncology/Hematology, Organ Transplant, Kidney Dialysis, Out-Patient and In-Patient Surgery, Heart Surgery, PICU, NICU and Pediatric rehabilitation. She conducted grief camps, developed school-re-integration programs and supervised 15 team members within the Child Life program at Loma Linda. She served as a member of the Joint Commission on Accreditation, multi-disciplinary hospital teams and fundraising committees for the Loma Linda Hospital Child Life program. Prior to her work at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, Dr. Young worked in a variety of educational institutions throughout California which focused on Child Development, education and psychology, where she was able to practice her skills as a teacher in child development. Today, Dr. Young has completed her doctorate in Education and Organizational Leadership at the University of La Verne and Dr. Young hopes to move forward with her vision in creating a Program, dedicated to educating people on the needs of the medically fragile children, family centered care and the issues facing us all as we compassionately care for children with medical issues.

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