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Dion B. Johnson, M.F.A. (2000)
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Art and Art History Department
Manager, Art Department

M.F.A., Claremont Graduate University
B.F.A., Ohio State University

Described by Ken Johnson of the New York Times as an artist who " combines thick paint - troweled, combed, smeared and dribbled - schematic diagrams of machinery, furniture and architecture and neatly painted images in a child's picture book style to dreamy and sensuous effect."

Los Angeles Times art critic David Pagel writes that Johnson's straightforward yet far from simplistic works "invite one-on-one interactions, inciting viewers to behave in a variety of ways.... In every case, Johnson's unguarded yet well heeled paintings hit us where we live.... Johnson's levelheaded works simply set your eyes in motion. Gliding across variously applied swoops, swishes, and smears of paint, your optical organs gain speed, momentum, and energy as you rediscover what it's like to see the ordinary stuff of everyday life anew -- with the fresh-eyed enthusiasm of the first time."

Gallery Links:

Selected Solo Exhibitions

'Radiance,' Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, California
'Continuous Transmission,' Desiree' Synder Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

'New Paintings: Project Room,' Stephen Stux Gallery, New York, New York
'Wow and Flutter,' Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

'Popsicle Scenarios,' Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
'Softer Frequencies,' Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Selected Group Exhibitions

'Dion Johnson, Sush Machida Gaikotsu and Kelly McCormick' 'Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

'Microclimate,' The Harris Art Gallery, La Verne, California
'Claremont Seven,' Seven Degrees, Laguna Beach, California
'Observations,' Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, California
'Reordering Reality: Collecting Contemporary Art,' The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Ohio

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Phone: (909) 593-3511 x4273
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Central Campus, La Verne, CA
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