The mission of the public relations office is to manage the university’s message, image, communications and outreach efforts; formulate a consistent “face” (look, feel, tone) to the campus and act as an advisor to the President and administration in regard to both the media and the general public about decisions, programs and trends.

Watch President Lieberman talk about University of La Verne’s Migrant Education Summer Institute, along with Professor of Education Dr. Adonay Montes.

President Lieberman on new initiatives at La Verne

The La Verne Experience

“At its core, The La Verne Experience will integrate the university’s foundational values as well as bring together much of what currently exists in the university, further harmonizing its complex educational enterprise. The La Verne Experience will be threaded throughout the university’s curricular and co-curricular programs, across all campuses, all colleges, and all students. This will create not only The La Verne Experience but also The La Verne Advantage, and it will help distinguish the university — locally, regionally and nationally. The La Verne Experience, across all academic programs and all locations (curricular and co-curricular), will include the following elements: interdisciplinary community engagement and reflection.

2020 Vision

“The entire campus is engaged in developing the ‘2020 Vision.’ Our goal is to build the institution’s identity around educational excellence, both on the curricular and co-curricular levels. Its supporting components are Financial & Human Resources; Reputation, Visibility & Branding; and Infrastracture, Technology & Facilities. The ‘2020 Vision’ — paraphrasing a Wayne Gretzky quote — will put us ‘where the puck is going to be.’ We, as a campus, are designing our ‘2020 Vision’ to meet the future needs of our students, and our local and national community. The ‘2020 Vision’ is our blueprint for educating the future leaders needed nationally and globally.”