Main Campus – Graduate Programs

Graduate Tuition

All master’s degrees in College of Business & Public Management, per semester hour $
M.Ed., Educational Leaderhip, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, Professional Adminstrative Services Credential, per semester hour $
All other master’s degree and credential programs in College of Education & Organizational Leadership, per semester hour $
Master’s degrees in College of Arts and Sciences, per semester hour $
Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A.), Organizational Leadership (Ed.D.), Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), per term/semester hour $

Graduate Fees

Academic Services, per course $30
APA fee (doctoral students) $100
Appeals $50
Application, doctoral $75
Application, master’s and credential $50
Auditing, per semester hour one-half normal tuition
Cap and Gown Fee (doctoral students) $55
CEOL Assessment Fee, per course $9
Competency Exam (CBPM) $100
Continuous Registration, doctoral (PsyD, Ed.D), 1-2 semester hours of tuition $
Continuous Registration, doctoral (DPA), 1-2 term hours of tuition $
Course Challenge one semester hour of tuition
Dissertation completion $450
Graduation, doctoral $300
Graduation, master’s $160
Insurance, Health Center Fee (mandatory for all international graduate students), per semester $
Insurance, Health Center Fee (mandatory for all international graduate students), per term $
Insurance, Medical Services Fee (mandatory for all international graduate students), per semester $
Insurance, Medical Services Fee (mandatory for all international graduate students), per term $
International Student Tuition Deposit $200
Late Financial Arrangement $100-300
Lost ID card $5
Lost Parking Permit, semester/year $
Make-Up Examinations $40
Missed Payment Fee $30
Parking, semester/year $
Placement, Ed.D $150
Returned Check/Rejected Credit Card $25
Teacher Performance Assessment $50-100
Transcript, per copy $6
Transcript (24-hour turnaround), per copy $15

Residence Hall Charges

Room Rates

Main Campus – Students, Per Term
Room, Brandt/Studebaker/Hanawalt Halls, double occupancy $
Room, Oaks Hall, double occupancy $
Room, Oaks Hall, single occupancy $
Room, Vista La Verne, double occupancy $
Room, Vista La Verne, single occupancy $

Board Rates

Residential Graduate or Non-Residential Students, per term/semester
75 meals, per term/semester $
125 meals, per term/semester $
150 meals, per term/semester $
175 meals, per term/semester $

Additional Housing Fees

New Resident Application and Activity Fee $300
Continuing Resident Application and Activity fee $150
Replacement Residence Hall Access Card $10-$20
Replacement Lock Charge $75-$100