2016/2017: Regional Campuses


Per semester hour *

Campus Undergraduate Graduate
Regional Campuses $610
Education Program  $530-$630
Regional Campuses (GERO, MHA, MPA) $765
Regional Campuses (ACCT,FIN, MBA, MSLM) $795
Corporate Rate $492-$560 $695-$795
Military Rate  $250 $350

*University of La Verne reserves the right to establish a varying tuition rate for new programs established at new sites when there are unusual operating conditions.


Appeals $50
Application $50
Auditing, per semester hour one-half normal tuition
 Community Service Assessment  $50
Course Challenge one semester hour of tuition
Deferred Payment Plan Fee – Term Based Programs  $50
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate)
Graduation Fee (Graduate)
Late Financial Arrangement $100-300
Missed Payment Fee $30
Professional Development Courses (700-level, non-degree credit), per semester hour $115
Registration Fee, per course $30
Returned Check/Rejected Credit Card $25
School Counseling Field Work Doc. $150
Teacher Performance Assessment $50-100
Teacher Performance Assessment – Resubmission Fee $100-$125
Transcript, per copy $10
Transcript sent certified mail, per copy $15
Transcript (24-hour turnaround), per copy $20
Transcript (special mailing/handling request), per copy $35