2016/2017: Main Campus – Accelerated (CAPA)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, per semester hour $645
Appeals Fee $50
Application Fee $50
Auditing, per semester hour $323
Community Service Assessment  $50
Course Challenge Fee, per course one semester hour of tuition
Deferred Payment Plan Fee (per semester)  $75
Graduation Fee $140
Insurance, Health Center Fee (mandatory for all who purchase accident and health services), per semester $75
Insurance, Medical Services Fee (optional), per semester $444
Late Financial Arrangement Fee $100-300
Missed Payment Fee $30
Registration Fee, per course $30
Replace ID card $5
Returned Check Fee $25
Transcript Fee, per copy $10
Transcript Fee (24-hour turnaround), per copy $20
Transcript Fee (special handling request), per copy $35