2016/2017: Main Campus – Undergraduate


Full-time students (12-18 semester hours per semester and 1-5 semester hours in the January Interterm), per semester *  $19,950
Part-time students, approved academic overloads, Directed Study, and Independent Study, per semester hour  $1,135
Summer Sessions, per semester hour  $645
Paralegal Certificate, per semester hour $416
Religion Program (off-campus), per course $580
*The full-time student rate includes tuition, student medical insurance, health center, technology, library and an ASULV fee.


Appeals $50
Application (non-refundable) $50
Auditing, per semester hour $568
Biology/Anthropology 350L, 360L, 394 Lab Fee $100
Community Service Assessment $50
Course Challenge, per course one semester hour of tuition
Deferred Payment Plan Fee (Semester based programs) $75-$150
Graduation Fee $140
Kinesiology Lab Fee(s) $100
Journalism, Radio, TV Lab Fee(s) $100
Laboratory Fee, per course $150
Late Financial Arrangement $100-300
Legal Studies Certificate $35
Legal Studies Association (one time charge) $25
Legal Studies, online research, per course $20
Lost ID card $5
Make-up Examination $40
Missed Payment Fee $30
Music Lessons, per semester hour $250
Music 345 Fee $50
Photography Laboratory $175
Registration Fee (not charged to full-time, traditional-age students), per course $30
Replacement of Diploma $60
Returned Check/Rejected Credit Card $25
Senior Citizens Audit Program Fee (Per Course) $50
Student Orientation – Fall/ Spring $75/$35
Student Tuition Deposit (Non Refundable) $200
Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) $50-100
Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Resubmission $100-125
Transcript, per copy $10
Transcript sent certified mail, per copy $15
Transcript (24-hour turnaround), per copy $20
Transcript (special handling/mailing request), per copy $35
Written Composition (will be applied toward challenge if passed) $50

Residence Hall Charges

Room Rates

Main Campus – Students, Per Semester
Room, Brandt/Studebaker/Hanawalt Halls, triple occupancy $2,405
Room, Brandt/Studebaker/Hanawalt Halls, double/quad occupancy $2,840
Room, Brandt/Studebaker/Hanawalt Halls, single occupancy $3,560
Room, Oaks Hall, triple occupancy $2,760
Room, Oaks Hall, double/quad occupancy $3,390
Room, Oaks Hall, single occupancy $3,810
Room, Vista La Verne, double occupancy $3,850
Room, Vista La Verne, single occupancy  $4,250
Room, Sheraton Fairples, double occupancy $4,795

Board Rates

Residential Undergraduate Students, Per Semester
10 meals per week $2,560
14 meals per week $2,790
19 meals per week $3,055
Non-Residential Students Block Plan, per semester
100 meal Block Plan, per semester $2,500
150 meal Block Plan + $200 Leo Dollars, per semester $2,775
200 meal Block Plan + $100 Leo Dollars, per semester $3.620
Leo Dollars Block Plan, per semester $500

Additional Housing Fees

New Resident Application and Activity Fee $300
Continuing Resident Application and Activity fee $200
Early Move-In/Late Stay Fee $50
Replacement Residence Hall Access Card $25
Replacement Lock Charge $125

Study Abroad Programs

The costs listed below include tuition, room, and board. These must be paid before departure. Travel costs are the responsibility of the student.

per semester $26,380
per year $52,760

Washington D.C. Internship: Washington Center

The costs listed below include tuition and houing. These must be paid before departure. Travel costs and food are the responsibility of the student.

per semester $25,710

For more information about the internship, please click the link below:


Insurance Requirement for International Students in All Programs

All full-time students with F-1 or J-1 visas secured with documentation provided to La Verne are required to pay La Verne Health Center and Medical Services fees. Coverage thus secured meets the requirements specified by U.S. Federal Regulations. The costs of these fees are included in full-time, traditional-age undergraduate tuition, but graduate students must pay the separate Health Center and Medical Services fees as listed. Students with J-2, H- 1, or H-4 visas are not required to purchase La Verne  insurance, but J-2 visa holders must show that they have coverage that meets U.S. Federal Regulations.