Academic Resources

Center for Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Center for Advancement of Faculty Excellence is a faculty development department providing assistance for full and part-time faculty regarding teaching and student learning.

We implement, support and train such technologies as Blackboard (our course management system), smart classroom design and best practices, and web and technology-enhanced curriculum support.

At our center, we offer two labs for faculty, staff, and student use: a computer lab with Macs, PCs, slide and standard scanners, VHS to DVD transfer, webcams, and more. Our Ultra Studio provides a quiet place where video and audio can be produced, then transformed into computer generated sets and backgrounds. We also offer online and hybrid teaching certification.

Curriculum Lab

The Curriculum Lab combines the qualities of a material center, mini-library, and idea center, providing education students with the equipment and instruction they’ll need to become a great teacher.

Support materials available include die cutters, a laminating machine, computers, copiers, binding machines, and all sorts of paper for creative work. Our library has books covering topics such as children’s literature and classroom resources, and we also have videos.

Graduate Academic Services

The Graduate Academic Services department helps La Verne’s graduate students navigate their masters or doctoral degree both from an academic and personal perspective.

Academic Success Center

The University’s Academic Success Center provides support for students who may need additional support in the areas of math, writing, or language skills. The ASC can also advise students on how to improve their study skills, manage their busy schedules, and learn how to be at their best when taking tests.

The ASC has a computer lab available to students and serves as a location for placement testing.