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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are topics that provide additional helpful information. If you still have questions, contact the Scheduling and Events Office at (909) 448-4910.

Where is the Scheduling and Events Office located, and what are your hours of operation?

The Scheduling and Events Office is located in the Sara and Michael Abraham Campus Center, between Barabara’s Place and the Information Desk.

The Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

How can I find out if a room is available?

You can go to our 25 Live reservation system to check availability. You can also contact the Scheduling and Events office at (909) 448-4910

I booked several dates, and conflicts appear on certain dates but not all. What does this mean?

This means the location you selected is already booked on a date you chose. If this happens, please contact our office and we will try to find an alternate space or date for your event.

The status on my confirmation says, “Tentative.” How do I confirm my reservation?

The reservation status remains “Tentative” until all listed deadlines are completed (i.e. setup, AV equipment needs, payment, etc.).

I booked my event through 25 Live. Does this mean the space has been reserved for my event

No, it simply means your event has been received by the 25 Live system. When the space is reserved, you will receive an Event Confirmation Summary outlining the space, times, and resources for your event.

I don’t know how many people will attend my event.

We ask that you please estimate as best as possible. This information helps the scheduling staff to assign your event to the proper location. It also helps to make sure your event does not exceed room capacity. Capacity limits are strictly enforced.

I don’t see the space I want listed on the list.

Some rooms may not be listed. The Campus Center tries to place your event in the room that best serves the size and set-up you have requested. If you don’t see the space listed, you can add it in the comments box on 25 Live.

Why are spaces such as La Fetra, Howell Boardroom, and Classroom spaces available to book on 25 Live, but the Scheduling and Events Office does not reserve these spaces?

The Scheduling and Events office is in charge of booking non-academic spaces only. However the 25 Live scheduling system is used by several different departments on campus; thus allowing a requester accesses to requesting these spaces. Refer to our event Event Reference page for a list of contacts in charge of booking these alternate spaces.

How do I find 25 Live?

Click here to log into the 25 Live reservation system.

I have a very specific set-up needed for my event. Can my needs be accommodated?

Standard set-up diagrams are listed on our site. Variations may be possible, depending on resources, staff availability, and safety considerations. Some rooms, such as the President’s Dining Room must remain in the standard configuration. Non-standard set-ups may result in a charge to your group or department. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work with you to make your event a success.

How much time is needed to reserve a space?

It depends on the event. For a standard meeting, 48 hours is sufficient. For an event taking place in an outside location or any event that will require tables and chairs to be delivered, a minimum of one (1) week is required. For large events, open to the public, held after hours or where an admission is charged, we ask for a minimum of three (3) weeks. This allows time to process added security, set-up staff and any needed insurance or waivers..

If it is determined my event will need extra security, will I be charged?

Yes, any additional cost to the university will be charged to your group or department. This includes security, housekeeping and staffing beyond normal business hours.

My group is a student group. Why are we being charged?

There could be several reasons. Your event may be taking place outside standard hours of operation, requiring us to bring in staff to cover the hours. If your event is co-sponsored by an off campus group, it is treated as a non-university event and will incur charges and also have extra insurance requirements. If you are charging admission for your event, that will also change the rate category for your event.


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