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Information & Accommodations Packet Process


  1. Obtain an Information and Accommodations Packet from the University of La Verne Accessibility Services Director of from the appropriate Dean or Director of your program.  Complete the following forms in their entirety (incomplete forms cannot be processed and will delay the onset of receiving accommodations).
  2. Return the completed Information and Accommodations Packet with supporting documentation to the Director of Accessibility Services or the appropriate Dean or Director of your program. You will be notified in writing within one week if your packet is complete, or if you need to provide additional information. When your packet is complete, it will be forwarded to the Chair of the Accommodations Review Committee for consideration at the next scheduled meeting (the Committee meets monthly during the academic year). If accommodations are necessary before the next scheduled meeting, the Director of Accessibility Services will make a temporary decision regarding the accommodation(s) requested, and will call the Accommodations Review Committee for an unscheduled meeting within three (3) weeks.  Once the Committee has reviewed the accommodations packet, you will be notified in writing within one (1) week of the decision of the team, and your accommodations will be continued or modified as deemed appropriate.  Receiving temporary accommodations does not guarantee that the committee will approve ongoing accommodations. If the committee denies the accommodation request, the temporary accommodations will cease immediately following the committee decision