Admission Requirements

The nine regional campuses, Campus Accelerated Program for Adults (CAPA), and La Verne Online provide educational opportunities for working adults with varied educational backgrounds.

Applicants will be considered for admission based on: applicant’s age (CAPA and other programs may require applicants to be of 25 years of age or older), number of college-level semester hours completed, cumulative college GPA, work experience, and the degree program being pursued. Applicants academically disqualified from another college may be considered for admission by appeal only if the disqualification occurred more than 12 months prior to application.

Students are eligible to enroll in a cumulative total of no more than eight (8) semester hours in a term-based system or 12 semester hours in a semester-based system prior to official admission.


Students should submit all necessary admission documents to the regional campus where they will be studying. Transcripts and other official records necessary for evaluating a student’s prior work become University property upon submission and will not be returned to the applicant, copied for another use, or forwarded to another institution. The following documents must be submitted:

1. Application for Admission

Upon receipt of the completed and signed application form, personal statement (if required), and the non-refundable $50 application fee, the Office of Admissions will notify the applicant of any missing documents necessary to complete the application process.

2. Official Transcripts and Certificates of Prior Work

Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended must be submitted. If applicable, military documents, college level test scores (CLEP/DANTES), and documentation for Educational Credit for Training or non-collegiate sponsored programs must be submitted for evaluation of potential transfer credit. All previous college work must be evaluated for transfer.

Any transcripts of coursework completed prior to admission that are not submitted will not be considered for transfer credit after admission has been granted. In addition, failure to list this course work could result in academic dismissal. Applicants with fewer than 28 semester hours of college-level coursework must submit official verification of graduation from high school or its equivalent.

Official transcripts from schools in the US must be sent directly by the issuing institution to the campus where the student plans to study. Transcripts from schools outside the US must also be submitted. Applicants wishing to have work completed outside the US considered for transfer credit must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved foreign credential evaluation service. There is a fee for this service.

The University of La Verne will evaluate military training for credit. Veterans and active duty applicants must submit Joint Service Transcripts (JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcripts.

3. International Students

International students on F or J visas may apply to and attend only La Verne’s Main Campus and the College of Law. They are not eligible for the Adult Accelerated program.

4. Additional Information

La Verne reserves the right to request additional information to make an informed decision.


Academic advisors can unofficially evaluate transcripts of prior course work. This provides the academic advisor with the necessary information to help the student structure a program leading to graduation. This evaluation is not official, however, until approved by the university Registrar.

Degree Time Limits and Readmission

The university recognizes that adult learners may not be able to attend full time every term. For this reason, students need not reapply after a break in enrollment unless the break was due to academic disqualification, or:

  • Students who do not enroll in courses within one (1) year from the date of admission must reapply for admission and follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of their readmission.
  • Students who do not complete their degrees within seven (7) years of the date of their admission letter must re-apply for admission and fulfill the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their re-admission.
  • Students who leave due to academic disqualification may reapply for admission after one (1) calendar year.
  • Students who complete their degrees within seven (7) years of the date of admission may elect to fulfill either the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their admission or any catalog prior to graduation after matriculation.

Matriculated students who have not been enrolled at La Verne for more than one (1) year will be classified as Inactive and will not be eligible to register via the web. Inactive students who wish to register should contact their academic advisor to change their student status.

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