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Create the Future: The Campaign for the University of La Verne.


Create the Future: The Campaign for the University of La Verne has exceeded its goal a full year ahead of schedule. Thanks to the support of thousands of passionate and committed donors, our campaign fundraising total now stands at $128 million.

The most ambitious campaign in the history of this university, Create the Future has positioned the University of La Verne for continued growth by strengthening the resources we hold most dear: student scholarships, student programming, faculty development, and innovative initiatives like the Center for Neurodiversity, Learning, and Wellness; the Randall Lewis Center for Well-Being and Research; the Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement; and the Terrence E. Deal Leadership Institute.

Now that this great success is behind us, we will take this positive momentum and apply it to the next fundraising priorities: our 2025 Strategic Plan initiatives. We will continue to build on the resources we are known for, such as high-value education, an inclusive environment, and student financial support. We will also make new inroads into health care curricula, in step with future workforce trends and to position our university for long-term success. More committed to our mission and core values than ever, we at the University of La Verne will continue to achieve beyond imagination.