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Dress Code

  • Academic Success Center

    Employee Dress Code

    We encourage all student workers to arrive at work in attire that is acceptable for an academic environment. Since we interact with several different groups (students, faculty, and community members) appropriate office wear is required.

    Please review our guidelines:

    Shirts:    Shirts that are neat in appearance are acceptable

    Please do not wear shirts that:

    • Display potentially offensive images or language;
    • Bear your midriff or back; or
    • Show excessive cleavage

    Pants:  Jeans, khakis, or other pants are acceptable. Pants must not be excessively baggy or revealing. Pants with tears or holes are not acceptable.

    Skirts/Shorts:  Skirts and shorts are acceptable provided they are neat in appearance, professionally appropriate, and not too short (more 6” above the knee).

    Shoes:  Any shoes that are in decent shape are acceptable. Please do not wear shoes that are excessively dirty or contain rips or large holes.

    The Academic Success Center would like to maintain a comfortable and professional environment. Above all, please use common sense when considering your appearance at work. As a representative of the ASC, you must be dressed appropriately while working at or visiting the Center.

    Questions about this policy should be directed to the Director and/or the Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center.

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