Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about ASC services

Who can receive ASC consultation services?

The Academic Success Center serves all University of La Verne students including online and regional campuses. This applies to our undergraduate, graduate, and CAPA level students.

Can I access ASC consultation services after I graduate or if I withdraw from the University of La Verne?

The ASC is funded to offer tutoring to students that are currently enrolled in a La Verne course, to those working to finish an incomplete course (for up to 12 months after the incomplete was assigned), and alumni who have graduated from the university. However, students who have withdrawn from the university prior to graduation are not eligible to receive our services.

Besides consultations, what other services does the ASC offer?

In addition to consultations, the ASC offers academic workshops and handles placement testing for incoming students and those who want to bypass prerequisite courses they may excel in.


FAQs about ASC Consultation Services

What are consultation services and how do they work? Does the ASC accept walk-ins? 

Our consultation services are one-on-one, group, online, and in-class support we offer at the ASC, also known as tutoring.

Students must make an appointment in order to meet with a consultant. You can make an appointment via WCOnline, our online scheduling system. You cannot book same-day appointments.

We currently do not offer drop-in tutoring, however, we aim to have this option available soon!

How much do these consultations cost? 

Nothing! The cost of consultation services is included in the tuition and fees you pay as a student.

Can I schedule a consultation for a course I am taking at another college?

If you are a currently enrolled University of La Verne student, you are welcome to receive academic support in any of the subjects we tutor, regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in a course here. If you are taking a math class at a community college, for example, you can receive math consultations at the ASC. To help your consultant be best prepared to help you, be specific about what you need help with when making an appointment and also bring your textbook, syllabus, course notes, and any relevant assignments to your consultation.

Am I allowed to bring a friend with me to my consultation?

Yes! Usually, our consultations are one-on-one sessions. However, if you wish to bring someone else with you, you must contact the ASC to get approval prior to the session. We are always happy to arrange group tutoring sessions. If you’d like to set one up, please complete a group tutoring request form.

Can you send proof to my instructor that I came to ASC?

During the last five (5) minutes of a half-hour tutoring session and the final 10 minutes of an hour-long appointment, consultants work with students to record what was covered during the session and to outline a plan for continued engagement and future learning. These Client Report Forms will be emailed to you following your session and can be forwarded to your professor as proof of your visit.

Do consultations count towards required study hours?

Athletic teams accept tutoring session hours towards required study hours. Come see us and get the most of your required study time!

How do I schedule an appointment with a consultant?

Please review the WCOnline Quick Start Guide and the WCOnline FAQs for guidance in registering for your account and scheduling an appointment.

During what hours are appointments available?

Appointment availability varies depending on the consultants’ schedules for that subject. Once you are able to access the scheduling website, consultants with available times will be shown as white blocks of time.


FAQ about ASC Consultants

Who will tutor me?

ASC consultants are typically undergraduate and graduate students from the University of La Verne. Our peer and graduate consultants have earned a minimum of an A- in the courses they tutor and a 3.25 overall GPA, and they also come recommended by faculty members in their areas of specialty.

Do you have consultants for all subjects?

ASC consultant staffing varies from semester to semester based on the availability of qualified students, demand for services, and budget considerations. However, the Center strives to be responsive to students’ needs and hires consultants year-round to meet student demand. To view the current subjects we offer, please visit our scheduling website here.

What happens if you don’t have a consultant for my class/subject?

If we do not currently have a consultant who is authorized to tutor your class, you may request one here. The more need we see for a particular course/topic, the more we will know to recruit a consultant for that need.

Please note finding qualified students who are available to tutor and predicting demand from semester to semester is a difficult task. Therefore, ASC recruits year-round and always welcomes applications from qualified students.

Can I become a consultant?

Yes. We are always looking to hire and offer both federal work-study and non-federal work-study positions. For more information, visit our employment opportunities on the Student Employment Job Board


FAQ about Consultations

Why do I have to make an appointment to meet with a consultant?

Scheduling consultations by appointment allows us to make the maximum amount of consultations available to the most students possible. Rather than paying consultants to sit and not tutor if no students come into the ASC, we pay our consultants for the time they are working with students. Appointments make this possible.

How long are the consultations?

Appointments can be made for 30-minute or one-hour tutoring sessions. The last five (5) minutes of a 30-minute appointment and the last 10 minutes of a one-hour appointment is dedicated to reinforcing learned concepts and planning future steps. 

Why do tutors end consultations 5-10 minutes before the scheduled “end time”?

Time spent discussing and gaining a deeper understanding of the material is the heart of tutoring. The time spent reviewing what was learned and identifying the steps that must be taken to ensure the knowledge is retained and the learning process continues is an equally important component of tutoring. The last five (5) minutes of a 30-minute appointment and the last 10 minutes of a one-hour appointment is dedicated to reviewing and planning future steps. 

How many hours of consultations can I receive?

All registered La Verne students are entitled to one hour of tutoring per subject per day and 3 hours of academic tutoring per subject each week (for example, one student could receive 3 hours of math tutoring, 3 hours of writing tutoring, and 3 hours of science tutoring in one week), except in times of special budget or resource restrictions.

What can a writing consultant help me with? Can they proofread my paper?

In addition to helping you with the features professors expect to see in your writing (organized ideas, a strong thesis, synthesized evidence, an appropriate response to the assignment, etc.), ASC writing consultants will help you learn how to best identify and improve stylistic, grammatical, reference/citation, and other English language concerns in your writing.

A writing consultant will work through the paper with you, focusing on the priorities and concerns you have and showing you strategies to become a stronger reviser of your own writing. The peer consultant’s goal is to help you become a stronger writer, not just to make that particular piece of writing stronger. The consultant will never take actions that would jeopardize your ownership of your writing or your development as a writer. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient, and to put ourselves out of business!

Can you help me with a take-home exam?

Because we are an educational service, we insist that the boundary stays clear between the role of the peer consultant as a guide and collaborator and your role as the student who is solely responsible for your work.  With this in mind, the following is an incomplete list showing the kinds of tasks that a tutor will not be able to assist you with:

  • Writing, editing, or proofreading class quizzes and/or examinations (including take-home essay exams) without the written consent of the instructor (to the Director of the ASC);
  • Writing or editing course, instructor, or adviser evaluations;
  • Writing or editing statements for academic appeals, reinstatements, or other adjudication documents;
  • Writing or editing documents for submission to the Institutional Review Board;
    Writing or editing documents for submission to any appellate committees or boards within or outside of the University of La Verne; and/or
  • Writing or editing legally-binding documents or contracts.

Does the ASC offer consultations on technology?

We no longer offer consultations on technology. Please visit the Learning Commons Academic Technology Support here for assistance using technology.

What if I need to cancel?

If you must cancel, you should do so on WCOnline as soon as possible, so that you can permit other students to schedule an appointment during the vacated appointment time. All cancellations should be made at least 3 hours in advance. Late cancellations will be considered missed appointments.

What happens if I am late?

Students should be timely in arriving for scheduled appointments. However, if you will be late, please call ASC at (909) 448-4342 so that we can inform your consultant.

You will be considered a no-show for your appointment if you fail to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. ASC tutors will not extend an appointment time with a student due to late arrival. (For example, if your appointment was from 12:00-1:00 pm, the appointment will still end at 1:00 pm if it begins late.)

Students who consistently arrive late may be subject to revocation of Center privileges at the discretion of the ASC Director.

Are there other resources available if I can’t come in for a consultation?

Yes! If you are unable to visit the center for an online or in-person consultation, the ASC Student Resource Portal contains developed resources regarding technology, writing and research, academic success, and various other content areas such as Science, Math, Statistics, etc. 

What should I do if I am locked out of my WCOnline account or my account is disabled?

Your account could be disabled for one of two reasons:

  1. If you are just registering for an account, you will need to confirm your email address before you can log in, so be sure to check your email after completing the registration form. If you attempt to sign in prior to completing this email authorization, WCOnline will display a notification indicating that your account has been disabled.
  2. If you miss three (3) peer consultations, your account will be temporarily disabled, all future appointments will be cancelled, and you will be required to meet with either the Director or Assistant Director of the ASC to discuss necessary steps for re-enabling your account.


FAQs about Online Consultations

Are online consultations different than in-person consultations?

The ASC strives to offer the best possible academic support for students; the principles behind how your consultation takes shape will be the same overall. Our online services allow us to upload files, share screens and content, use whiteboards, and provide handouts just as if the consultation was in person–the only difference is you will be behind a screen. 

What is the difference between Online and E-Tutoring appointments?

The ASC offers two options for remote tutoring. Online tutoring is the synchronous appointment, where you can meet with your consultant in real-time using a combination of WCOnline, Google Docs, Zoom, and/or Webex. This option is recommended if you benefit from live interaction and discussions. E-Tutoring is the asynchronous appointment, where there is no real-time meeting; instead, you can upload an assignment along with your questions, struggles, etc., and receive feedback directly to your ULV email. This option is recommended if you can articulate your needs and challenges and if you have a busy schedule.

What do I need besides internet and a computer?

You will need high-speed internet, a computer that is compatible with the software, and we recommend using Firefox or google chrome as your browsers. The tutoring platform allows for communication through audio/video and through text chat. While a webcam or microphone is not required for using online tutoring, your tutoring experience may be improved with these tools. An introduction to the meeting room and its abilities can be seen using either the video or PDF instructions compiled by ASC.