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Tutor Observation (Center Supervisors)

  • a. What signs of pride/encouragement/discomfort/confusion/etc. did you observe? b. Was this a result of anything that took place during the session, and if so, what took place? c. Did the tutor appear to notice the tutee’s pride/encouragement/discomfort/confusion/etc., and if so, how did the tutor respond?
  • a. Who initiated this deviation? b. Did the tutee appear to be pleased with the new direction of the session, and if not, how did the tutor address the student's displeasure? c. Were any attempts made to put the session back on track?
  • a. What steps did the tutor take to engage the tutee in the conclusion? b. Did the tutee display a need to discuss last minute concerns, and if so, how did the tutor address these concerns c. What was the student’s state of mind/being at the end of the session?