Test Proctoring

The Academic Success Center (ASC)  limits test proctoring services to current and past students of University of La Verne only.
Miller Analogies Testing is the exception and is offered to non-La Verne students.


  • University of La Verne courses = $20.00 per exam
  • Online/Distance ED courses with another school (BYU, USC, community colleges, etc.) = $12 per course*
Miller Analogies Testing (MAT)
  • Current La Verne Students & Alumni = $50.00*
  • Non-La Verne Students = $50.00 + $20.00 admin. fee*

*Proctor fees must be paid in either cash or check.  We cannot process credit/debit cards.

Availability of Service

Appointment Reservation Required,  all testing is subject to a 3 hour time limit

ASC offers no guarantee that we will be able to proctor an exam.


Proctored Test Session Schedule, FALL 2019

Saturday, September 14
10:30 am
Saturday, October 19
10:30 am
Wednesday, October 30
5:00 pm
Tuesday, November 12
3:00 pm
Saturday, November 23 10:30 am
Tuesday, November 26
4:00 pm
Thursday, December 5
5:00 pm
Monday, December 9
3:00 pm
Thursday, December 12 5:00 pm


Questions about how to sign up for a proctored testing session, please call (909) 448-4760. 

  1. Proctoring for a University of La Verne course:
    Faculty Info
    Student Info
  2. Proctoring for a course taken with another school  (BYU, Utah State, etc); or
  3. Miller Analogies Testing (MAT) info.

Proctor Site Name
Proctoring Institution    Academic Success Center

University of La Verne Authorized Proctors
William (Bil) Owen, Instructional Technology Coordinator, wowen@laverne.edu
Ebony Williams, Assistant Director, ewilliams@laverne.edu

Mailing Address University of La Verne:

  • ATTN: Academic Success Center
    Abraham Campus Center, 2nd floor
    1950 Third Street
    La Verne, California 91750
    Phone Number  (909) 448-4342


No Show/Repeated Reschedule Policy

Because the Academic Success Center has limited resources available to proctor exams, it relies heavily on the timeliness and attendance of its examinees. Failure to arrive for your scheduled exam appointment or repeatedly cancelling/rescheduling your appointment reduces our ability to provide effective service.

If you cannot keep your scheduled exam slot, please contact ASC as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements.

Failure to arrive for your scheduled exam without contacting ASC to cancel/reschedule will result in a “no show,” and you should expect to receive an email notification of that no show. Three “no show” occurrences may result in revocation of your ability to have exams proctored through the Academic Success Center. Repeatedly cancelling and rescheduling for the same exam or multiple times for different exams may also result in a denial of future service.

Service Statement

As an academic support department, the Academic Success Center currently offers limited proctored examination services. Because proctoring exams are not an obligatory service component of ASC, our proctored exam services are subject to change at the discretion of ASC. ASC reserves the right to make alterations to these policies and procedures at any time.

Note: Along with paper-based testing, the Academic Success Center offers proctoring of computer-based tests. Proctoring requests which require installation of software on University of la Verne computers, however, will be declined.