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Tutor Agreement

  • As a tutor in the Academic Success Center, I agree to the following terms:
    1. I will complete my timecard at the end of each shift before I leave the ASC. I will record only the time for which I tutor, participate in tutor training, or perform other ASC duties as assigned by the ASC Director and/or the ASC Assistant Director.
    2. I will look at my appointment schedule in WCOnline the morning of each of my scheduled shifts to confirm my appointments for that day.
    3. I will contact the ASC by phone and email as soon as possible if I will not be able to make an appointment.
    4. I understand that one appointment missed without notification will result in a period of probation. Two appointments missed can result in my termination. Cancelling an appointment the same day is equivalent to missing an appointment.
    5. I will notify the ASC front desk if a tutee has not shown up 5-7 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. The Center Supervisor will then call the tutee. I am obligated to wait 15 minutes for the tutee to arrive and will record this time on my time card. If a tutee shows up for his/her appointment after this 15 minute grace period, I have the option of canceling the appointment and encouraging him/her to book another appointment or work with him/her until the end time of his/her original appointment.
    6. If a student cancels his/her appointment within 3 hours of the appointment start time, I have the option of either taking the session period unpaid or performing alternate ASC related duties during the appointment time for compensation. If I elect to be compensated for the time, I must complete one of the tutor training activities already available, work on a pre-approved ASC project or activity, and record the time and details of the work in WCOnline using the "Non-Tutoring Activities" schedule .
    7. I will promptly complete a Client Report Form for every appointment that I tutor and send this form to the tutee.
    8. I will attend Tutor and Staff Orientations held prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters at the times indicated by the ASC Director. I recognize that failure to attend or make alternate arrangements with the ASC Director may result in my termination.
    9. I will attend all tutor cohort meetings and training sessions as scheduled during the course of each semester.
    10. I will conduct all tutoring sessions in the ASC and within the hours that the ASC is open.
    11. Per FERPA regulations, I will not discuss any aspect of a student’s connection to the ASC with anyone other than the ASC Director and/or ASC Assistant Director.

    *My digital signature established by entering my name and date below confirms that I have read, understand, and agree to policies above.