WCOnline FAQs

FAQs: Using the WCOnline Tutoring Appointment Scheduler

 How do I get set up to book my own appointments? (this is for non-registered users)

  1. Go to the Academic Success Center’s WCOnline scheduling website here (https://laverne.mywconline.com/)
  2. Select Click here to register.
  3. Fill out profile and click Register
  4. Check your Laverne.edu email inbox to activate your account.
  5. A Quick Guide page is here to help you with getting started using WCOnline to make your own appointments.

How do I change or reset or  my password?

To Change Password:

  1. Click the triangle/arrow beside where it says “Welcome [your name]”
  2. If you would like to change your password, select Update Profile & Email OptionsChange Password

To reset:If you have forgotten your password, select Click here to reset your password on the main log-in page (https://laverne.mywconline.com/)

Locked out?

Select Click here to reset your password .

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How do I make an appointment?

  1. Select a schedule from the pull-down at the top.
  2. Once the schedule appears, then select a class or topic from the Limit to… pull down.
  3. Open time slots are white. Click on the block to open up the appointment reservation window.
  4. Select how long you need to work with the appointment (30 mins or 1 hour)
  5. Enter the class you are working on in the Class & Assignment Field
  6. Add the specifics of what you would like the tutor to be prepared to help you with in the text block below that
  7. Click on Save Appointment button

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When I click on the block, nothing happens/no new window appears

  1. Check that the block you are selecting is colored White
  2. Check for open windows that have popped up behind your main browser window.  The appointment window sometimes does not appear on top upon opening.

Do I need to include information about the class and assignment for my appointment?

  • For your appointment, you should provide:
    1. Class & Assignment field –  enter the course and assignment (Ex. Math 104 exam prep)
    2. What would you like to work on? –  information about what specifically you would like the tutor to be prepared to help you with in your session (e.g. fractional equations, linear equations, ionic bonding, etc.)

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How do I edit or cancel an appointment?

  1. Log into WCOnline, then go the appropriate schedule based on the subject area of your appointment
  2. Select the date from the small calendar
  3. Select and open your appointment (it will always be yellow)
  4. Make any changes to the Class & Assignment or What would you like to work on? fields
  5. Select Save changes button at the bottom of the window
    or to cancel – select the Cancel this appointment button in the center at the bottom of this window

I cancelled my appointment but an email I received said it was marked as a no-show, why?

If you cancel an appointment within 3 hours of the start time, it is considered a Late Cancellation and is automatically marked as a No-Show.

How do I see what appointments I have made?

  1. Click on the arrow beside where it says “Welcome [your name]”
  2. Select My Appointments to display date and time


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How does online tutoring work? Can I just submit my paper and then the tutor will send me corrections?

The ASC offers real-time tutoring online where a student meets the tutor through the online tutoring module in WCOnline.  At the time of your appointment you will be able to meet and chat with a tutor. In the online meeting room, you can upload your document so that both you and the tutor can read and annotate your work together. Any changes or notes will be preserved in the WCOnline appointment system for later reference.  Online Tutoring Guide (PDF)

 What are the ASC late cancellation/no show policies?

  1. If you have three appointments marked a No Show (no cancellation or notice that you will miss your appointment), then your account is automatically disabled and you must contact the center to request that your access be renewed.
  2. If you cancel an appointment within 3 hours of the start time, it is considered a Late Cancellation and is automatically marked as a No-Show.
  3. We request that if you need to cancel an appointment that you do so 24 hours prior to the appointment. This allows other students to reserve that time slot and the tutor to direct their time accordingly.

My account was disabled; can I still use the ASC tutoring services again?

  • If you are registering for the first time, once you submit your registration it will show your account as disabled.  Go to your @laverne.edu email inbox and click on the activation link in the email sent to you when you registered for your account.  You will then be able to sign in and begin booking appointments.
  • If your account was active but now has become disabled, you would need to submit a request for renewed access.
    • If you have three appointments marked as a No Show your user account is automatically disabled in the system.
    • If you are not enrolled in classes at University of La Verne, your account may  be disabled.
  • Appointments are marked as a No Show because you:
    • never came to your appointment nor cancelled it
    • you cancelled your appointment within 3 hours of the appointment start time

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I can’t find a tutor for the class I am taking, what should I do?

Fill out and submit a tutor request form. When you submit your request we will attempt to either find an immediate solution with another tutor, or to recruit a tutor skilled in that course or topic to work for the ASC. The link to the form can be found at the top of each schedule, or just click here.