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Center forTeaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports the faculty and staff of the University of La Verne in their ongoing development, strategic initiatives, and continued pursuit of the core values of the institution. The role it plays is essential, particularly in the areas of faculty advancement and curriculum development. Students also benefit from the wealth of resources CTL maintains.

Ongoing Development

CTL offers a variety of programs, both certificate and non-certificate granting, for faculty and staff throughout the year. The certificate programs consist of course design, course instruction, and diversity competence. The non-certificate granting programs include workshops that focus on grant development and IRB support that are designed to expand and strengthen skills in each of these areas. Click here to learn more.

Digital Resources


CTL is proud to maintain Digication’s ePortfolio for the university. An immersive content management system available to the entire La Verne community, ePortfolio allows students a reflective online space and faculty a tangible benchmark for student learning. To learn more about the initiative that brought the software to campus – or learn how to harness this powerful tool yourself – click here.


Qualtrics is a leader in web-based surveys available to faculty, staff, and students. It may be used to capture public or private data for use in research, project assignments, and more. Click here to find out how best to take advantage of this software.