Requirements and Details

Foundation Courses

The foundation courses a student must fulfill are determined by a review of the student’s undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken. Undergraduate accounting courses can be used to satisfy the following accounting foundation courses. In order to waive any of the foundation/prerequisites, an equivalent course must have been completed with a grade higher than a “C” and within the past seven years.

Code Course Title Units
BUS 501 Corporate Accounting and Reporting I 3
BUS 502 Corporate Accounting and Reporting 3
BUS 506 Auditing Standards and Practices 3
BUS 508I Federal Taxation Concepts and Practices – Individual 3
BUS 509 Cost Accounting 3

Students might also be required to take the MBA foundation courses. Undergraduate business courses can be used to satisfy these foundation courses.

BUS 500A Accounting Fundamentals 3
BUS 500B Economics for Decision Making 3
BUS 500C Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 3
BUS 500D Business Finance 3
BUS 500E Business Management 3
BUS 500F Business Marketing 3

Total Program:

30 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ACCT 501 Financial Accounting Issues 3
ACCT 504 Corporate Taxation 3
ACCT 505 International Financial Reporting Standards 3
ACCT 507 Advanced Cost Accounting 3
ACCT 543 Accounting Ethics and Professional Responsibilities 3
ACCT 510 Advanced Auditing 3
ACCT 595 Accounting Research and Communications 3
ACCT 596 Accounting Graduate Seminar 3


two of the following

Code Course Title Units
ACCT 506 Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT 508 Governmental and Not for Profit Accounting 3
BUS 505 Accounting for Specialized Accounting Entities 3